Sunday, 2 September 2012

Madagascar, a place filled with life and culture.

Today, Carey (120th Ottewell and 152nd Millshaven; Northern Lights Council) will be sharing his experiences in Madagascar.

Walking through the streets and driving through the roads, you can see happiness in people’s faces. This country is covered with an easy going feel. Landing in Madagascar I felt the seven months of waiting was finally over and the feeling finally sank in. Being greeted by the Scouts of Madagascar, I could feel the fellowship come together and show their happiness to us for coming all this way. We danced and sang in a circle and laughed and smiled with each other.

Meeting the Scouts of Madagascar was a great way to start the trip but we were off and running. Travelling through the countryside, you can see the diversity of the open spaces in Madagascar. The scenery is breathtaking and the lemurs are so cute. Their curious nature makes this animal one of my favourites. With this country being surrounded by the sea it has some terrific seafood but the best food I’ve ever had was called “Sakondry” which is a bee type insect which they fry to make it nice and crunchy. So when I get home I can tell people that I ate bugs.

With our project we have been given the task of building a dorm for girls who come from far away so when they go to school they have a safe place to stay. I could not have been paired up with better people on this project; they are all great people to work with. There is so much more to see but hasn’t happened yet. I look forward to sharing it with all these great Scouts.

Madagascar is truly Earth’s Secret Kingdom.


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