Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Following the Principles of Scouting

Blog post written by Carey "Romeo" Benson

In this life we are only given one gift... our names!  Make the most out of it!

I am so grateful for being a citizen of Canada and even have more pride that I'm a member of Scouts Canada.  Throughout my time in the program, I've learned that no matter what obstacles fall in your way, there will always be friends right beside you to pick you up and show support every step of the way.  Now it's my turn to help Scouts Canada after they have done so much for me.  This August, I will be travelling to Madagascar to share a life changing experience with youth from all across Canada.  We will be sharing laughter, meals and smiles.  I really hope to see this team complete the construction of the school facility we're building.  Every youth should have the right to education, regardless of wealth or nationality.  Through this adventure, I hope to achieve a greater sense of where I stand as a Scout, to be able to share my experience with the youth of Canada, and to show that nothing is out of reach when you're willing to work with others for it.  Scouts have such great morals for youth and adult members, through this movement, we never stop helping each other to grow and learn from one another.

This project represents great things for Scouting.  With nothing but hard work and determination, we can change the world.  Whether it is going and cleaning your local park, or even travelling to the other side of the world and building a school facility, every little bit helps in the development of global unity.  This summer I hope to bring the world one step closer to unity.  Under the world Scout flag created by our founder, anything is possible when you follow the principles of Scouting.  If you have the will, you can achieve anything.  So Scouts Canada, if you believe in this dream too, I ask you to raise your flag and stand tall, because we are all playing a part in making this a great world to live in.

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