Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Madagascar 2012: By the Numbers

22: Final number of Scouts Canada members travelling to Ambato Boeni this summer

24 500: Population of Ambato Boeni, although only around 5000 live in the third quarter

2 022: Number of Malagasy Ariary to the Canadian Dollar

40: Number of students that the new dormitories we're building will be able to accommodate

1 600: Area in square metres of the new campus

625: Number of project crests ordered

101: Number of different types of lemur found in Madagascar

14 555: Number of kilometres the Contingent will travel to get to Ambato Boeni

16: Official number of federal political parties in Madagascar

447: Average annual income of a person living in Madagascar (in Canadian Dollars)

40: Currently the percentage of Malagasy youth who will never go to school

0: Number of children who have died since two fresh water wells were dug in Ambato Boeni in 2009 (thanks to youth, volunteers, friends and family in Tri-Shores Council)

1 and counting: Number of United Nations Millennium Development Goals that Scouts Canada has helped to achieve

431: Number of times the project video, "On our honour, we promised" has been viewed  on both youtube channels (so far...)

70: Number of months since the first planning meeting for the Madagascar Project took place in the little town of Ilderton, Ontario

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