Friday, 17 August 2012

Arriving in Madagascar!!

We've been quiet for a bit on the blog, but only because we're busy in Madagsacar!  How have things gone so far?  Well, after almost two days of travelling, we arrived in Madagascar a few days ago! The flights themselves were long and for many, sleepless. We’re not sure if that was because of the lack of leg space, or the general excitement building because we were headed for Madagascar!!!

Once we arrived, we met with Father Alfredo (our Malagasy contact) and headed to the Spiritan’s House for a well needed sleep and food. The next morning, we had the option to sleep in, but instead we all went to the Lemurs’ Park in Tana (short form for Antananarivo) to see some of the exotic wildlife found in Madagascar. We saw many different types of lemurs including the Ringtail lemur and the bamboo lemur. Some of them were really shy, but others were willing to let you get very close for a picture or two. However, once they were ready to move, they moved quickly, sending out shrieks and laughter for everyone. Afterwards, we had our lunch here where we ate a variety of food including Fried Chicken, Coconut Chicken, and Zebu! What’s zebu you ask? Zebu is the Malagasy form of beef. It is a dark meat and very chewy, and was an interesting experience for all of us I think. Stay tuned for our next blog post about our travels through Mahajanga, which Ben Ireland (1st Strathroy, Tri-Shores Council) will be writing!

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