Thursday, 9 August 2012

Madagascar 2012 Pre-Camp

Earlier this week, all the participants and advisors of Madagascar 2012 met at Tamaracouta Scout Reserve to learn more about each other, the cycle of poverty, and Ambato Boeni. If that wasn’t enough, we also completed training regarding first aid, construction, and international travel. It was a busy four days, but by dinner of our second day, I don’t think anyone would have believed that these incredible youth had just met 24 hours prior. Their dedication to this project and the people of Ambato Boeni may be what bonds them together, but it is their individual strengths, talents, and gifts that will make this team a success.

 The national importance of the team was also recognized as we received visits and words of wisdom from two incredible individuals. First, John Neysmith (current World Scout Committee member, and former International Commissioner for Scouts Canada among many other things) dropped by at lunch to meet the team, watch our progress, and even delivered words about the importance of international scouting and how, when you meet a scout, you are really meeting a new family member. Later in the camp, Council Commissioner for Quebec Council, Chris von Roretz stopped by to deliver words from himself, the council, and national leadership team; speaking on the dedication of the planning team, and the support we are receiving across the country (he was talking about you!), and he couldn’t have said it better.

Throughout this project we have received a lot of amazing support, without which this project would have been impossible. This pre-camp was no exception, as we ran across some of the best support we could imagine, so thank you to everyone who has helped get us to this point.

We look forward to updating you on our progress once we get to Madagascar, and telling you our stories when we come back to Canada.

Watch for updates coming soon!

Creighton Avery

Youth Contingent Leader, Madagascar 2012

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