Sunday, 4 March 2012

Let's Change the World!

Posted by Creighton Avery, Youth Contingent Leader

Getting involved in Madagascar 2012 couldn't be easier!  Whether you'd like to simply donate online, or want to run fundraisers with your group, there are so many ways to take part and help make a difference in Ambato Boeni, Madagascar.  This is everyone's project.

National Buy-A-Brick Campaign:  Every $5 raised in this campaign is enough to make, lay, plaster and paint another brick of the school facility.  If you set up a Buy-A-Brick Campaign with your Scouting group, be sure to send us stories, pictures, and every your group crest so we can post it all on this Blog!  Scouting in action is an inspiration to everyone!  Download the National Buy-A-Brick Campaign Package here.

Program Jumpstarts: There are program jumpstarts for Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts and Scouts.  For Beaver and Cub Scouts, four week programs cover topics like culture in Madagascar, and the importance of clean water, with activities, games, songs and more.  In the Cub Scout jumpstart, you'll even work towards badges requirements such as International Trade and World Cubbing!  For Scouts, we've got a program straight from the Global Development Village, created by the World Organization of the Scouting Movement.  Here you'll find 12 interactive workshops covering a wide range of social issues, like racism, fair trade, global resources, environmental sustainability and learning to live together.

Donation:  Possibly the simplest way to make a difference in Ambato Boeni is to donate quickly and securely online by clicking the "DONATE NOW" button at the top of the Blog.  This doesn't heavily impact your wallet, but certainly makes a big difference to our project and to the people of Madagascar.

Want to learn more, or get any of the materials mentioned above?  Send me an email to get started at cavery[at], or visit our website at

So, I guess the only thing to decide now is how you're going to change the world in 2012.

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