Friday, 23 March 2012

A Message from Coast to Coast

Recently, nine members of Madagscar 2012 put together a video to tell everyone what this project is all about.  The message comes from across the country, from coast to coast.  Thanks to everyone who helped with the production of the video!

A huge part of the project is all about awareness and education.  We're spreading the message of change and action, and now you can too!  Starting today, you can order Madagascar 2012 t-shirts and crests at your local Scout Shop, or even online!  Click here to visit the Scout Shop site.  This is a great way to show everyone that you're changing the world in 2012.  All proceeds go direcctly to the project, which means that as you raise awareness, you're also helping to raise a roof in Ambato Boeni to help educate youth from around northwest Madagascar.

Back of t-shirt
How else can you get involved?  Why not start by sharing the video, or delivering one of our program jumpstarts?  The jumpstarts are four weeks of prepared program for Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Scouts and it's all about learning in a dynamic and fun way (the Scouting way!)  Visit to learn more.

On our honour, we promised that we would do our best... now let's show the world that we're keeping our word!

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