Friday, 16 March 2012

Support from all over!

The reach of this project is truly inspiring.

Recently, support for Madagascar 2012 came from a very unexpected place: the happiest place on earth, Walt Disney World!  Not exactly from the theme park itself, but actually from a number of its employees.

When the Madagascar Project first started up in 2006, Andrew, from Windsor, ON, joined the team.  He was an incredibly dedicated Rover.  When the project was postponed, Andrew continued working in international development within Scouting, completing a project in Paraguay in 2009 and helping lead a project in South Africa in 2010.  Following the project in Welkom, South Africa, Andrew took a position working at Walt Disney World in Florida.

When he learned that the Madagascar Project was about to get started again, he got to work, raising money by running his own Buy-A-Brick Campaign (which he was part of many years ago).  He was able to collect $250 to help support the project that he started working on over five years ago.  Being involved in international development and the fight against poverty is something that doesn't leave you.  The more you do, the more you want to do.  Andrew showed just what kind of an impact this can leave, even years and hundreds of kilometres afterwards.

There's a sort of alumni among the youth and adult volunteers who have worked on this project over the years.  Many have sent messages in saying how proud they are to have been part of the project, and how exciting it is to finally see the project happening.  Now, everyone in Scouts Canada can be part of this.  Years from now, how will you remember 2012?  For many of us across Canada (and even in Walt Disney World!), we will remember the way we changed the world for good, one brick at a time.

Learn more about the Buy-A-Brick Campaign at the project website:

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