Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Past Projects: ScoutsAbroad

Defending Mafikeng: Scouts Canada 2010
UN-MDG1: Eradicating Extreme Poverty and Hunger
UN-MDG7: Ensure Environmental Sustainability
In August 2010, Scouts Canada created its first national team to complete an international development project.  Travelling to the birthplace of Scouting, South Africa, members from across Canada worked with local Scouting groups to help them help others.  By installing water reservoirs at eight different schools in Welkom, South Africa, Scouts from Welkom will be able to use them during the dry season (six months of no rain!) to water their community food gardens.  In the past, they have been forced to shut down their gardens in the dry season because municipal water costs too much.  The food from their gardens then goes to helping feed the school, as well as orphanages, and half-way houses in the area.

Project Paraguay: Tri-Shores Council 2009
UN-MDG2: Achieve Universal Primary Education
In August 2009, members from Tri-Shores Council travelled to Nemby, Paraguay to rebuild a small school.  Bordering two different districts, both communities basically forgot about the school and blamed the other for its decline.  Members of Tri-Shores Council worked with students from the school and local Scouts from Asuncion and Luque to rebuild the fence, replace broken windows, build another classroom and install working bathrooms.  They even took the teachers shopping for new school supplies and resources.  This meant that the school was not only safer, but that more children could attend on a daily basis.  once the politicians heard about the work of this project, they stepped up and promised to make sure this change continues to other schools across the country!

Belize Project 2006
UN-MDG8: Build a Global Partnership
In August, 2006, a Contingent of Venturer Scouts, Rover Scouts and Advisors from Tri-Shores Council travelled down to the Valley of Peace, Belize, to build a hurricane shelter/community centre with the community. For three weeks, the group worked, played and learned alongside Scouts from across Belize and the people who lived in the Valley of Peace. After completion of the project, the village council commented that it was the first time the community had come together as one to do anything, especially anything of this magnitude. The community centre remains a central fixture of the community life in the Valley of Peace.

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