Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Sharing Stories

While the idea of an international development project may seem inspiring, inspiring also is the work of the 40th St. Catharines Sea Scouts.  Take a look at a recent email that was sent to the project from their Leader, Scouter Crispin Shaftoe...

"I wanted to let you know that the 40th St. Catharines Sea Scouts connected with Sarah Shaw [who will travel to Madagascar this summer] and she came out last month to tell the boys about the project.  Over the winter, the Scouts researched and did presentations at our meetings on the situation in rural communities in Madagascar, as well as the Scout involvement there in teaching people about safe water practices.

We learned about a simple hand-washing technique that the Madagascar Scouts are using.  We practiced lashing one evening by making "tippy taps" - 2L pop bottles on A frames with a small hole at the bottom which releases clean water when the cap is loosened to clean hands after using the toilet.  I am enclosing the group crest we had made for this summer's Great Lakes Jamboree at Camp Bel. 

Thanks for your efforts.  Our youth have really learned a lot about people in a muich less fortunate part of the world.  The boys will be making "tippy taps" at all of our future backwood camps".

It goes to show the importance of sharing cultures and sharing understanding.  We all have so much that we can learn from one another, which is a large part of this project.  It's so exiting to see this taking place across Canada.  Congratulations to the 40th St. Catharines Sea Scouts and their work to understand another culture, learn more about social issues and develop new skills for camping.  This truly is Scouting in action!

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